Like most Californians, I'm a car guy. However, this beautiful 1949 Ford Woodie is owned and restored by retired Fire Captain Woody Downing of Oceanside.
SoCal loves its cars - so when you vote, if you can't remember me, remember the car and write in Woody for Mayor of San Diego.

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        Join My Write-In Campaign

            Mail Checks to:
            Woody 4 Mayor 2012
            1666 Garnet Ave #311
            San Diego, CA 92109

       $500.00 is the campaign limit
       Include the following information:

            Your Name
            Your Address
            Your Occupation
            Your Employer

               The silliest statement in politics:
    "You must have held an elected office 
    before you're qualified to hold an elected office."

    Voters, if our Founders had listened
    to this advice, we wouldn't be here.
    This is what a political hack says who's trying
    to keep his elected seat.
    Don't listen to him.

         I'm qualified to lead San Diego.

            WRITE IN:
            WOODY  WOODRUM
            4 Mayor of San Diego 2012
            CA ID# 1347070




        San Diego does not need another agenda - San Diego needs NORMAL

                                        i                                   i

                                               SAN DIEGO

  "If Obama had my resumé, he'd be a better president." Woody

20+ Years US Navy Submarine Service

i Bachelors Degree - Finance
       Masters Degree - Engineering
       Certification, Government Contracts - UCLA

t 20+ years' experience working for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100        companies

t Currently serves as Corporate Director with 12 years of                 International Experience

t 12 years active community service in San Diego as a Board         Member and working member of many community
organizations,Tea Parties, other liberty groups, and his church

t Married 35 years, step-children, grands- and great-grands

  i WOODY is the ONLY Mayoral Candidate who stands for
               Life * Marriage * Family
               Lower Taxes *  * Strong Defense * 2nd Amendment
               Job$ + Bu$ine$$ = Economic $ucce$$
               Religious Justice


From the STRAIGHT TRUTH candidate:

  NORMAL - The value and power of the Individual is guaranteed by the Constitution

  NORMAL - Spending only what (taxpayer's) money is available 

  NORMAL - Government exists to serve all the people, otherwise it's unjust
  NORMAL - Respect for private property of others, including their family members
  NORMAL - A government that governs least governs best

  NORMAL - You love America more than you love America's enemies

  NORMAL - Read the bill BEFORE it's signed


  ABNORMAL - Spending more than is received

  ABNORMAL - Depriving hard-working citizens of their income with unnecessary taxes  
to pay for all the excess spending

ABNORMAL - Considering the worth of bugs and tiny animals to be more important than the humans who provide their care and upkeep

  ABNORMAL - Putting personal agendas above the welfare of the nation and its citizens

  ABNORMAL - Hating your own native country and the people who love and defend it

  ABNORMAL - Depriving rights of those who disagree; namecalling, vicious personal attacks
   If an agenda is good enough, it will pass on its own merits - lying and deception won't be necessary for the people to accept it

  ABNORMAL - A bloated bureaucracy, created by professional politicians or hacks
     The intention of bureaucrats is to help themselves at taxpayer expense

  ABNORMAL - When competing agendas create gridlock, a politician's only solution is to raise your taxes or cut your job.



















A weekly magazine that prides itself on being 'progressive' published this article - I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE
What does a well-known City pub have to say about the other mayoral candidates...? Not a lot of nice....

           City Beat April 10, 2012 by David Maass
     "Homophobic conservatives finally have a candidate to vote for in the mayor's race!
      Eagle Forum's Woody Woodrum files to be a write-in candidate 

This article, WRITTEN BY DAVID MAASS, starts here:
"Man, it must suck to be a Christian family-values conservative in San Diego. Look at the choices in the mayor's race:

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. Not only is she a lesbian, she's gay-married to another lesbian
City Councilmember Carl DeMaio. Gay, and in a relationship with the publisher of fleshy gay publications
Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher. While he's a woman-loving man's man with a fam in San Diego, when he got to Sacramento he was all jibber-jabber about letting soldiers tote guns 'n' stuff while also being gay at the same time. 
Rep. Bob Filner: Straight, but a hardcore liberal, which is only two letters away from Liberace. 

Luckily one man who understands how to defeat the gay agenda has jumped into the race. Yesterday,
John "Woody" Woodrum
filed to be a write-in candidate for mayor."

Woody says: "At least this article admits there is a politicized agenda. San Diego does not need another agenda."
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